The Day My Teacher’s Desk Disappeared

One normal day, we were going to have a magic show. On the first act, the magician made Mrs.B’s desk disappear. He didn’t know where it went, but I had a plan. I told him to use the same spell on me.

But, I needed some help. I got my friends and Emma. So, he used the spell on us and we were gone. We were going to find that desk!

And suddenly THUMP! We were in the world it had been teleported to, but it was not the normal world we live on. It was a weird world. A VERY weird world.

Suddenly, I see something in the distance.

“What is that?” I ask. It starts running towards us.

“Hi!” it said.

“Who are you?”

“Dont ask, I gotta give you guys this!”

“Ok thanks!”

“Yo welcome! BYYYYYYEEEE!!!” The thing gave them a box with armor and other things they would need.

They finally went on their adventure to find Mrs B’s desk! They got a map. It said they had to go through four trials to get it.

They found the first trial. It was the Trial Of Fire. They needed to get flamethrowers and light torches to open doors. It was a difficult task to do, but they managed to get through it.

When they got to the second trial they went in and it was called the Trial Of Water. It was hard. They had to first swim through a lake, swim up a waterfall, and swim on a water bridge. It took a few hours but they made it through.

The third trial was the Trial Of Magnetism. They had to grab a magnet and use it to grab certain items. If they grabbed the wrong items they would have to start from scratch. It took a long time but they got through.

They were at the last trial. This was the Trial Of Air. They had to glide across a big tower. Then they FINALLY got through it.

But, where was the desk?

There were more trials! They looked at the map again. It showed more trials!


It took them seventeen hours to go through them all.

They saw the desk!!

Well, they saw the desk in a cage being surrounded by a dragon. They had to kill that stubborn dragon. The dragon saw them. It roared as it spit fire out of its mouth. This thing was huge. Eighty feet tall and seventy-eight feet wide! This would take forever.

There were instructions on the wall. It said, “There are four dungeons you need to go through. When you complete a dungeon, you will break a chain holding the dragon down. When you break all chains, you will fight the dragon.”

“Well, that sounds easy,” Evan said.

“Lets go!” said Maikal.

The first dungeon had bokogoblins holding boko clubs.

“All right, Emma, you ready?” I said. “Umm Emma? Why do you look like you’re glitching?”

“Grrr. RUFF RUFF!” Emma pounced at the bokogoblins.

“Well, that was easy!” Mason said.

CLANG! The chain broke. One down, Three to go!

The second trial had reapers. “YOW! A SCYTHE?” Angel screamed.

“I know! Lets cut em up with our swords! And they’re skeletons so they can’t get put back together,” I said excitedly.

CLANG! Another chain broke.

The third dungeon had black crocodiles.

That’s just what they’re called.

They’re really made of lava.

We had to get them in a cage and drop them into water to turn them into obsidian.

“BARK!” Emma got one into the cage.

“Good job, Emma!” I said. We got it done.

CLANG! Another chain broke.

“The last one, then we’ll finally get the desk!”

WARNING. The next dungeon is a little scary!

The fourth dungeon had GIANT SPIDERS!!!

“AHHHHHHH!!!” everyone screamed.


We did and CLANG! The dragon was unleashed.


I had plan.

Mason, Angel, Maikal, and Emma distract it, while Evan and I climb on its back and slay it.

“Hey you!” Angel yelled at the dragon. “Come on you coward! Fight me!”

Me and Evan got on its back and SHINK!

“RRRROOOOOAAAAARRRRR!” THUMP! We defeated the Dragon!

A portal opened.

“Lets go through,” I said. “Mrs.B! Magician! We’re back!”

“My desk!” Mrs.B said in excitement. “You guys are very brave. LETS HAVE A PARTY!!”

“YAYYYY!” The class shouted.

“Bone for sweet Emma! And 30,000 class money for you guys!”

The most dreadful day turned into the best day! And that is the end.

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